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Fitness Trainer Resume


Fitness trainer resume: What to Write

Applying for a stable job in the fitness training domain? And you need to write your resume. Writing a fitness trainer resume is not difficult at all. It is a very simple process. Once you understand the basic format and structure of a resume you will be able to write a fitness trainer resume. By the end of this article you will be able to write your own resume and understand the tips and tricks for writing one.

What to write in a resume? A resume is a self-portrayal of the experiences, skills, and characteristics you have. Writing a fitness trainer resume follows the same rules. You write down the skills and experiences that will make your resume look good to the recruiter. Avoid any words or historical events that would lower your chances of getting called for the job.

To start with writing a fitness trainer job resume, you should list the personal info, like name, phone number, and email. Your resume title should include the name of the job you’re applying to. Underneath the title you write a brief eight to nine sentences describing your characteristics and the skills that make you fit for the job.

Fitness Trainer Resume: Experiences and Accomplishments

Then writing a fitness trainer  resume should include a section that lists the academic degrees and accomplishments. Make sure to write the dates and university at which you took the degrees and graduated. Then in this section start another sub-title about areas of expertise. List the skills that make you special and will make the job flourish once you’re employed.

Writing a fitness trainer resume is as easy as writing any other paper. After you’ve finished the previous sections start with the experiences and section. This section should include your job history and any career accomplishments. List all what you have experienced that might add to the value of the resume. Even though this is a resume for an fitness trainer job, don’t be shy to write any side-jobs like tutoring. This will convey the fact that you are a hard worker and have a good understanding of the concepts of your profession.

Now you have all the info and tips that are required to write a fitness trainer resume. See it isn’t as hard as you thought. Just organize your ideas and words in a nice format. If you need any additional help check the “Writing a fitness trainer resume” resume sample. It will help guide you while writing yours. Make sure to pay attention to the font and style, this adds to the first impression of the paper too. Good luck with your new job.



John Doe                                                                                  Email:JohnDoe@myprofessionalwebsite.com
New York City, NY                                                                                                         Phone: (###) ########

Fitness Trainer Resume

BS Degree, Physical Education
Minor in Biology
Name of University, New York, NY, June 2014
Honors: Academic Dean’s Honor list, soccer scholarship, Maui Thai division 2, and tennis awarded first place

Skills Highlights
I am highly energetic and motivated, fast learner, strong attention to detail, good communicator, and good at engaging students in fitness lessons.

Helped in coaching at my university gym and local gym
Helped provide insight and help for weight loss and training
Helped 8 customers and aided them through my 1 and a half month fitness program

Professional Teacher
Tennis Club, New York, NY 2009-2011
Set out various gym lessons for different ages. I taught private lessons. I also taught proper lifting techniques and ethics for athletes.

Self-employed, 2007-2009
Tutored school students in soccer basic skills, and helped them advance took 1st place in a local soccer completion that had over 20 participating teams

Volunteer Experience
Red Cross community, NY, 2008-2010

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