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College Student Resume

As a college student, you may think that it is early to start thinking about writing a CV or a resume. You may have thought that the world of work and jobs can still wait as you are still getting an education. However, it is never too early to start writing your resume. When you have a well-designed and well-written resume, you will be prepared for any potential job opportunity, even though your time in college. But now, you may think that you do not really have any experience or that your skills are still rough, and you are not ready to actually write a CV. Nevertheless, you may be surprised to find out that some employers would prefer a college student to work for them because they are searching for some skills that sometimes only college students still possess.

Steps to go through before starting to write

Before you start writing, it is good to take some time to think about your skills and experiences. Brainstorm a list of the most important things that have made you gain experience whether it included your current academics, your previous school activities, any community service that you were part of, being an athletic, any type of job, and your internship. Then make the list beginning with the things which made you learn the most or that have motivated you the most of the things in which you have excelled the most. While brainstorming, remember that to make your resume effective, you have to make sure that you are targeting a specific job. Do not say that you can do anything, instead know the job available, and highlight the skills and experiences which are relevant to that job. After identifying your set of skills and experiences, you will be ready to start writing your college student resume.

Start writing your perfect college student resume

Remember that your potential employer will not choose someone lazy and who does not want to work for the job. This is why it is important to show the employer that you are an active person. You will be able to do this as you describe your skills and your experiences as well. Choose action verbs (such as organize, research, write, train, and many more) when you are talking about what you did or can do. You should mention the most important and relevant skills and experience (each in their section) first.

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Usually, employers are looking for someone who would generate some positive results. They would want someone who can give to their organization or company and add value to it. This is why it is important to mention any successes that you have achieved (of course when it is relevant to the job). Mention how you made whatever you participated in better. So if you helped in a particular project, whether it was in school or in college, mention how you improved it. If you are a good team player, mention that you can work well with others. Remember to always stay positive; you can do this by choosing positive words and verbs (for example, you can say that you have increased revenue instead of saying that you decreased loss).

An Important Thing To Remember

Remember that, as a college student, the most significant skill that you have is the ability and the passion for learning new things. You can refer to this and include your good grades or your high GPA. These are proofs of your hard work and your passion for learning. You can also include a description of your academic projects. You can also refer to any event or project that you have worked on organizing or even any club that you are in charge of; this will show your leadership skill and employers generally value this skill among employees. Moreover, mention any community service that you have participated in, this is an added asset to your resume and will show that you are mature and that you care about the community.

After you finish writing your college student resume, go over it again and again and edit it. You will have to review it many times, and even ask someone else to review your resume. Your grammar should be impeccable. Your contact information, such as your email or phone number, is accurate. Make sure that every word that you have written serves a purpose. Try to make the best possible impression through your perfect college student resume.

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