At Templates for CV, we are dedicated to bringing you high quality resume templates that you can easily open in your word processor – all you need to do is plug in your job history, experience and skills into each template and then print it out or email it off. You do not have to struggle getting your CV to look right when you download a template.


How Our Free CV Templates Will Benefit You

  • Your resume will be a breath of fresh air among the other resumes that your potential employer must sort through.
  • Our templates will help organize your resume so it is easy to read and scan.
  • The variety of resume template options available will help you find the perfect template for the job you will apply for soon.
  • The attractive design of these CV templates will make you want to keep your resume up to date when you are keeping a look out for a better employment opportunity.
  • For freelancer or other business person, you can post your resume as a document or export it as a PDF and then post it on your website for clients and customers to see.


We offer these free templates for you to help qualified applicants find the job they need now. Just getting to the interview process is hard enough with so many people unemployed worldwide, and this is especially true if your CV is bland and blends in with all the rest. Free CV templates can help you put together what you have to offer a company in a format that is both pleasant to look at and comprehensive without breaking the bank.

The creator of the free CV templates is a freelance vector artist who specializes in business documents and graphics, so you know the design will be far above the standard templates you normally find for free. Whether you want to showcase your skills to a potential client or are applying for a new job, a fresh CV with a consistent look and feel will help get you far. Employers will be impressed if your CV is well organized, attractive and easy to look at and will hopefully get you to the interview stage if you meet the other qualification for the job.

If you find the free professional CV templates useful or if you have discovered a problem with a template or the website, please let us know through the contact form on the “How to Contact Us” page. You also have the option of leaving comments and ratings for each template you use so others know how it worked out for you, plus you can read how others have taken advantage of any one of our free resume templates.