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How To edit Microsoft Word Table

Alright, you might think who needs a tutorial on how to fill a simple Microsoft Word Template?!
well, believe me if it’s your first time with Microsoft Word, you might need the help, at least I did..

I’m not going to dive deep in Microsoft Word, just a quick topic with few screen shots here to get you  up and running with our Templates.. so lets get started 😉
fire up one of our templates by double clicking it, I used this one for this tutorial.
The first thing you should do when dealing with this kind of templates is to make the “Gridlines” of the table visible so you can easily edit its content, to do that
click somewhere in the template
you’ll notice a yellow tab appears at the top of the menu bar called Table Tools

click on the Layout tab inside it and choose View Gridlines

notice the doted blue lines, these lines represent the table and its cells.

to edit the text inside a cell, simply select the text, and change any property inside the Home tab
you can change the typeface, text size, color, alignment etc..

To change the background color of a cell, click in cell, the Table Tools tab will appear click on Design
and then choose a color. To remove the color choose No color from the same box

To add or remove the border of a table/cell  click inside the table/cell the Table Tools tab will appear
click on Border then choose a border. to edit the thickness/style of the border choose a setting from the Pen Color tab section and then click on Border tab two times to apply the effect.

Voila! you can now customize the templates as you like, Have fun 😉

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